Vanessa Mumelter

Channel Manager


Vanessa Mumelter has been a channel manager at PANTARHEI in Vienna since May 2018. She plays a central role in enabling the company to address communicative challenges and is responsible for overall management of and editorial support for all corporate channels. She organises the Salon Z event series in Vienna, and is currently building on her expertise to get PANTARHEI'S new Salon M series up and running. She has a keen interest in communicative processes at the crossover between politics, business and society, with an emphasis on campaign management. Her work at PANTARHEI has showed her that in an age of constant change, communication is the most powerful management tool available, and handling it effectively can have a significant impact on a company’s success.

Vanessa Mumelter is passionate about communication. She speaks four languages and can build on sophisticated communication expertise she has gained from both professional and academic posts. She has several years of experience in internal and external communications, digital marketing, growth marketing, digital storytelling, customer relations, event management and international relations. Vanessa has a master's degrees in translation and interpreting from Karl-Franzens-University in Graz and in digitalisation, politics and communication from FH Campus Wien. During her two-year stay in New York City, she attended courses in communication studies at Bergen College. She is currently continuing her education at Wirtschaftsakademie Wien, taking classes in social media recruitment.


+43 1 886 56 35 208[email protected]
  • PANTARHEI ViennaLugeck 7/12
    1010 Vienna