Paul Kreuzpaintner

Consultant Associate


Paul Kreuzpaintner joined the team at PANTARHEI in Vienna in July 2023. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Vienna, specializing in the impact of the European Green Deal on the revision of the EU regulation on trans-European energy infrastructure networks.

In his professional career before, Paul has already gained experience in PR and PA, such as working for a German communications agency in the field of large energy infrastructure projects. During his time at the German Embassy in Vienna, he deepened his skills in policy analyses and background research on economic, social and European policy issues.

Paul has a passion for analyzing complex policy issues and crafting effective communication strategies for various audiences. At PANTARHEI, Paul aims to help clients exert political influence and respond effectively in unforeseen situations in the areas of Public Affairs and Risk & Reputation Management. Due to his Master's degree, he is interested in the cooperation between public authorities, NGOs and stakeholders on a European level.


[email protected]
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    1010 Vienna