Marina Schlager-Kleewein



Marina Schlager-Kleewein has been a valuable member of the Pantarhei Graz team since 2015 thanks to her passion for communication and language. After starting as an assistant, over the past few years she has gained experience on a comprehensive range of communication-related topics and now shares the benefits of her expertise with numerous customers in her role as a director. Her focuses include projects dealing with press and public relations, change communication (including processes such as the local authority structure and tourism structure reform programmes in Styria), as well as storytelling and staging service design workshops.

For her bachelor's degree, Marina Schlager-Kleewein studied transcultural communication in French and Spanish at the University of Graz. She then completed the master’s programme in Public Communication at the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz. In the course of her studies, she took the first steps in her career with the communications department of the federal province of Styria, where she was jointly responsible for the provincial government’s press and public relations as well as the office of the provincial government.

Since 2020, Marina’s dog Marla has also been part of the team, helping to create a great atmosphere in the office.


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