Lisa Maier

Senior Consultant


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Lisa Maier has been part of the PANTARHEI team in Vienna since March 2021. She has a keen interest in communication contexts at the intersection between business, society and politics. She specialises in current developments in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. She works with companies on strategic change projects, providing advice and support on regulatory ESG requirements and approaches to developing authentic ESG communications. Lisa also brings a wealth of practical experience to the table – during her degree she worked in sustainability services at PwC Germany, and also spent time at UniCredit Bank Austria where she focused on corporate sustainability.

She has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and communication science and a master's in European Studies. At Pantarhei, Lisa has discovered her passion for developing corporate media houses – during her time here she has been involved in developing and implementing integrated structures and processes, putting her analytical skills and ability to see situations from other people’s viewpoint to excellent use.


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