Risk & Reputation Management

We are on hand to guide businesses and organisations through high-risk situations and crises, enabling them to safeguard their reputation.

Risk & Reputation Management

Risk and reputation management

In a crisis, two key factors make that all-important difference: meticulous preparation and professional crisis-management communications. We help businesses and organisations to make preparations that allow them to weather a crisis, and accompany them through risk situations.

And this enables them to safeguard their reputation – one of the most precious assets of all. Damage to their image or a loss of faith often directly impact shareholder value or share prices.  

Whether it is a workplace accident or a search of premises, a major product recall, a natural disaster, cyberincidents or hacker attacks; if there is a threat of legal action or a court case is pending – as we said, meticulous preparation and professional communications make all the difference in a crisis.

Crisis prevention and crisis communications

Proactive reputation management and professional, dynamic crisis communications are the best kind of insurance of all. Our services include: 

  • Proactive reputation management: analysing potential risk situations and drawing up crisis communications plans, implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are triggered in the event of a crisis, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of potential communication-related risks 
  • Crisis communications: operational execution of the crisis communication strategy when a crisis strikes