European & Digital Public Affairs

We enable businesses and organisations to protect their interests and help to shape political and legal frameworks.
European & Digital Public Affairs

European & Digital Public Affairs

European & digital public affairs

How can you make your voice heard in a world where communication mechanisms are going through fundamental changes? We need to completely rethink public affairs. Move out of the back rooms and onto the digital stage. Away from closed networks and towards fluid alliances. Away from experts in ivory towers expressing their opinions and shifting the focus to collaborative content development. And that’s where we enter the picture – by getting you up to speed with digital public affairs.

Politics can bolster markets through regulation, but can equally leave business models facing fresh challenges. Especially in an age that is defined by fundamental social policy transformation (paradigm shifts including environmental and climate protection, the EU Green Deal, ESG criteria and the EU taxonomy), effective interaction with the political system is crucial. At the European, national and regional level this is vital in order to safeguard companies’ and organisations’ competitiveness, and can even determine their survival – especially if:

  • profound political or social changes have an impact on their business models, and they want to proactively shape these changes
  • NGOs create a mood or climate where opinion turns against companies, organisations, industries or interests
  • companies and organisations are not being listened to or cannot put across their opinions

Businesses and organisations have a right to be heard and have their interests taken into consideration. Established organisations need to be able to justify their place in new public arenas, and particularly on the digital stage. In the current age of digital transformation, an understanding of the core principles of public affairs is just as important as an extended digital communication skill set (digital public affairs). We enable businesses and organisations to protect their interests, get them NGO-ready and up to speed on digital public affairs, and help to shape political and legal frameworks.

Our services include:

  • Monitoring, analysing the impacts of political and social developments on business models, mapping the current situation, and developing public affairs strategies, position papers and lines of argumentation 
  • ​Analysing and evaluating current public affairs processes and tools, developing strategies and visions, raising awareness within the business or organisation, defining processes and role profiles for digital public affairs and campaigning, promoting the development of skills and expertise, building alliances and setting up platforms  
  • Professional, analytical stakeholder mapping and management in collaboration with our partner FAS-Research, network analysis, representation and advocacy when dealing with stakeholders in Brussels, such as the European Parliament and the EU Commission, and at the national level

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