Change Communicator

Change Communicator

“The only constant in life is change”  

What sparks your interest 

  • You take genuine pleasure from working with people, and you are passionate about change and the crucial role communication plays in it  
  • You believe that communication is the most effective tool for getting people on board in change processes – from employees, customers and suppliers to investors and other stakeholders 
  • In your view, your job is to guide companies and organisations through change processes, support them as effectively as possible using communication tools and help them to emerge from the transformation on a stronger footing 
  • You are committed to tapping into the positive energy generated by change in order to move forward and make things happen – and you expect no less from the people you work with. The desire to continuously improve is the motivation behind everything you do 
  • Adopting an inclusive approach, welcoming different points of view and making other people part of a joint solution are a matter of course for you 
  • You have a positive attitude, always have an eye on the future and think in terms of opportunities and possibilities  
  • You are familiar with and can pinpoint the risks associated with change processes, and your actions give other people a feeling of stability and security  

Who you are 

  • Your background is in communication or the media, and you have professional experience of providing communication support and managing change projects at large companies or organisations. When it comes to change, you know what you’re talking about 
  • You have experience of heading communication departments and working in a newsroom  
  • You have in-depth knowledge and are a skilled user of modern communication mechanisms, you can present change as a story and win people over 
  • As you see it, a corporate newsroom is not an editorial gimmick or a multimedia showroom – it’s all about the mindset  
  • Your goal is to set new standards, in cooperation with the corporate media house and with us, including in an international environment 
  • You have a qualification (degree, continuing education courses, etc.) in communications, business, marketing, organisational development, systemic coaching, psychology or sociology 
  • You take a structured, analytical and systematic approach, with a focus on solutions, you can express yourself clearly and persuasively, and you can also deal with conflicts and cope with tensions that arise during change processes 
  • You have a fully equipped methods toolbox at your fingertips: you have comprehensive communication know-how as well as expertise in organisational development, leadership, teambuilding, process and project management, service design thinking, and other disciplines and methods that might not even be on our radar 
  • You can manage clients and teams of consultants, and you are a skilled negotiator  

Who we are 

  • We are a diversified, international and interdisciplinary team of experts specialising in change communications, public affairs, risk and reputation management and strategic communications. We aim to meet the highest standards – and expect the same from the people we work with  
  • We give people the opportunity to take on challenging and varied tasks in a rapidly expanding company 
  • Our people are able to work remotely, and we also have state-of-the-art offices in Vienna, Graz, Brussels and Munich
  • We respect your achievements and skills, and offer compensation that reflects them 

What we can achieve together

  • As we see it, communication is the core management tool used in transformation processes: communication makes things happen and brings about change, it has an impact – and it could even save the world! 
  • We open up market opportunities – by helping to shape European and national political frameworks that enable our clients to operate successfully in their respective markets
  • Our flat hierarchy and streamlined decision-making processes enable us to take an easy-going approach that creates the ideal climate within the team and when working with clients   
  • We work continuously to take ourselves – and our clients – to the next level 

Send your application & CV to [email protected]