Why every company needs a corporate media house

Corporate Media House
Karl König Senior Advisor - PANTARHEI Advisors

Karl König joins PANTARHEI in Munich as Senior Advisor. We asked the successful media manager for an interview...        

As a journalist and successful media manager, what do you think about the fact that more and more companies are opting for a corporate newsroom?    

There is a wonderful variety of communication options for corporate messages. Text, video, audio, animation - publishable via intranet, internet or social media platforms, in customer or employee magazines.

In a corporate newsroom, the employees of a company's communications department can communicate all relevant company topics in a structured manner according to a clear plan. Daily, hourly, even in real time if desired. In doing so, they can make use of the range of content that publishing via digital channels makes possible. 

What does it take to make an impact?

First of all, a strategy, an overall message that the company wants to communicate. This strategy is a guideline that provides orientation for all communicating employees. Alongside this communication strategy, there are communication guidelines for each channel that is used. The communicators should know as precisely as possible which target group they want to reach on which channel. And once all this is clear, all that is needed is good stories about the people in the company.      

What makes the ideal corporate newsroom?

This is difficult to describe in general terms. The ideal corporate newsroom is the one through which the company's messages have the greatest, most positive, image- and sales-promoting effect. Every company can very quickly determine which messages these are, on which channels and at what frequency the most relevant content is published, through daily analysis. The corporate newsroom is successful when the communicating editors, communicators and channel managers learn quickly and adapt to the needs of their target groups and therefore their customers.           

What can companies learn from the media? 

People are most interested in people. It is therefore advisable to tell company stories about people as often as possible. People's stories are exciting stories. And: successful media constantly analyze their performance, draw their conclusions from analytics as often as possible and constantly optimize. The creators of corporate media houses should do the same.        

Why are you at PANTARHEI?

Because PANTARHEI's corporate media house approach is unique. PANTARHEI has understood that it's all about the mindset and that communication must be used as a management tool. And it has an abundance of what is absolutely necessary to communicate successfully: Curiosity, a desire to create and a great appetite for good stories.