Philipp Wieser

Senior Consultant

  • Philipp Wieser - Senior Consultant PANTARHEI


Philipp Wieser joined PANTARHEI in May 2020. A senior consultant based at our Vienna office, he supports clients from various industries, mainly in connection with public affairs, lobbying and risk management. Thanks to his outstanding ability to quickly see the big picture, coupled with his ability to communicate with clients and stakeholders on equal terms, Philipp is the ideal contact when it comes to political issues. He is fascinated by uncovering background details and connections, focusing primarily on mapping out social networks.

Philipp Wieser has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and public healthcare. He has worked on projects related to strategic market access and product launches, and took part in negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry on the prices charged to Austrian sick funds for medications. He started his career on the staff of UN and OECD Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch and was a fully accredited member of Austria’s Permanent Mission to the OECD in Paris.

Born in the Austrian province of Carinthia, Philipp Wieser studied economics and philosophy at the University of Vienna, and also has degrees from the renowned Université Paris VII - Paris Dauphine and the University of Havana. He is a co-founder of a league set up to promote precision ball sports in public spaces. Philipp lives and works in Vienna.


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