Peter Saxer

Channel Manager


Peter Saxer is a social media manager with 360-degree communications experience. With his background in journalism, Peter knows how to develop multimedia formats and make stories have their greatest impact: "I love finding stories, telling them creatively and preparing them to suit the target group." Already as a teenager, he started social media projects and made himself a name amongst journalists and media creators.

As an editor, Peter Saxer worked for "Horizont" and "Bild" newspaper in Berlin. Before joining PANTARHEI ADVISORS, Peter worked for two and a half years for the start-up and innovation medium "brutkasten" as Head of Content Distribution. Here he was responsible for the distribution of all content as well as the development of new formats.

In recent years, Peter Saxer has specialized in strategic communication in social media. Peter studied "Content Production and Digital Media Management" at the FH Wien der WKW.


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