Maja Radovanlija

Channel Manager


Maja Radovanlija joined the PANTARHEI team in Vienna at the start of 2022. She is responsible for channel management and is also our in-house contact person for communication, providing routine support for the operational management, implementation and fine-tuning of all communication channels. She has plenty of experience to her name – during her career she has worked as a social media manager for companies and influencers, and on a wide range of training and development courses.

Thanks to her extensive experience of simultaneously managing various social media channels, Maja is an expert when it comes to focusing on the nitty-gritty. As an industry newcomer, her great passion is also her job, and she never loses sight of the need to build on successes, spot the potential for improvements and bring in new ideas. Now, she’s right at home in the constantly changing, diverse and pioneering world of social media.


+43 1 886 56 35 211[email protected]
  • PANTARHEI ViennaLugeck 7/12
    1010 Vienna